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Therapeutic Recreation News & Articles- 2013
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"inTeRlink" is an on-line therapeutic recreation newsletter featuring links to articles on & related to recreation therapy and therapeutic recreation on the Internet. Send news items and links to Charlie Dixon at charlie * (change * to @ before emailing).

Date shown on each article reflect the date link/item was added to this page and not necessary the date the article was written. It is quite possible that linked articles are no longer available.

UNC Hospitals using iPads, art to treat children

(9-25-13) Rather than using an iPad to read magazines, surf the web or play Angry Birds, art therapists Ginger Poole and Bridget Pemberton-Smith created a project that uses art apps to help treat children in the pediatric oncology ward at UNC Hospitals.

Why iPads?
Apple’s iPad is easy to use, so patients can spend more time creating art and talking about it than learning how to use a program, Poole said. “IPads are a sterile way to create art,” said Hillary Rubesin, community relations manager of the North Carolina Art Therapy Institute. Instead of bringing new materials to each session, art therapists sanitize the iPad after each child uses it. The institute is currently using three iPads, but is configuring nine more it received in December from the Raleigh-based nonprofit organization, Striving For More, Inc. Many children with a high risk of infection cannot leave their rooms to participate in regular art therapy groups, so Pemberton-Smith uses iPads to take the therapy to them. “Kids are all growing up with this technology. They’re all attuned to it.” Pemberton-Smith added. “They’re really excited about it.” - See more at:

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(2-17-13) BVL: Pioneer in Recreation Therapy for Veterans – Seven Decades of Service

Beginning the 71st year of service, the Bowlers to Veterans Link (BVL) has held a premiere position in support of recreation therapy for our nation’s veterans.  With humble beginnings in World War II, and a long and storied history since, BVL has maintained its leadership role in providing recreational programs and services for those who have served our country.

“Our friends at BVL have always been with us to help brighten the days, boost morale, and speed recuperation of our nation’s veterans,” remarked Department of Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric K. Shinseki.  “Our country owes America’s service men and women a debt of gratitude, and we appreciate that BVL has never forgotten their sacrifices.  We are pleased and proud to work with them in support of our veterans and we thank BVL for their commitment to the cause.”

Recreation therapy, designed to maintain or improve physical, mental, and emotional well-being as well as reduce depression, stress, and anxiety, has been the hallmark of BVL’s programming; helping veterans maintain or recover basic motor functioning and reasoning abilities, and build confidence and socialization skills. To that end, BVL dollars have funded the purchase and use of sports equipment, arts and crafts supplies, pet therapy activities, games, dance, drama, music and community outings at VA Medical Centers, Vet Centers and State Homes around the nation.

For the founders of BVL, recognizing the importance of recreation therapy was natural...

For more, please go to the BVL web site.






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