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TR Fun Page

This page is dedicated to bringing a little light to the daily stress we all face in our work as recreation therapists.

Do you like to travel?  Do you know your capitals, famous places, and countries?
Play the TRAVEL IQ game.

Breakout classic breakout game
Concentration match pictures
Dugout help the mole get rid of critters
Golf miniature golf game
Jigsaw Puzzle  
Mastermind classic mastermind game
Rocks get rocks to the bottom... beat the computer
Slider solve this slider puzzle
Tail Gunner needs at least a 200mhz computer to play this game
Warp attack and destroy alien ships


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Firsts in Recreation Therapy.

Do you know when the term recreational therapy was First coined? Could it be William Rush Dunton, Jr. who referred to the term in the Maryland Psychiatric Quarterly sometime between 1911-1922? Do you know if this is true or not? Here are some more First's in recreation therapy. Hint: Visit TR History pages compiled by Jeff Mansfield for answers to these questions. Our thanks to Jeff for compiling these items.

Your nick name or name

1. First reference in literature to the medically prescribed use of "activity" for remediation was written by Phillip Pinel in the year.....
2. First recreational therapy book "Recreational Therapy in Convalescence and Allied Subnormal Health Conditions" was written by Brush in the year....
3. First recreational therapy professional organization formed in the year 1952 was part of which organization.....
4. First independant national professional organization formed in the year 1953 was the......
5. First educational film on the therapeutic value of recreation presented in the year 1955 by Beatric Hill and Robert Wald was titled....
6. First recreational therapy educational program was presented at the St. Louis School of Recreational and Occupational Therapy at Washington University in the year.....
7. First B.A. with Recreational Therapy major was offered in the year 1953 at.....
8. First National Study of Recreational Therapy as a profession were presented at the 40th National Recreation Congress in Atlantic City in the year....

Dr. John Silson was the primary researcher.

9. First recreational therapy journal....

Stereograms- random pictures each time you visit!

Guess the hidden picture

Stereograms pictures made with Magic Eye from Mindscape.


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