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Welcome Wagon
Submitted by Gerald Flickinger of Grandview Nuring Home on October 14, 2002 

Size: Number of residents of the involved facility

Equipment: Small gift bag, greeting card, newsletter from facility, small treat, toothbrush and toothpaste, etc...

Objective: Allows residents within the facility to welcome a new resident coming in. To have that individual feel more welcome and comfortable. To promote residents to get to know one another better.

Description: The Welcome Wagon is setup on the idea of making new residents more comfortable upon their arrival to the new facility. The idea is implemented through each Therapeutic Recreation's Resident's Council. Every month as the council meets, a different committee of six members can be assigned. This committee of three females and three males. The gender will coincide with the gender coming into the facility.

The assigned individuals will welcome the new residents by using the enclosed program. At first they will introduce themselves to the new resident. Then they will provide a name tag with the resident's name. The resident in turn will be introduced to the other residents as opportunity presents itself. The resident will also be provided with a tour of the facility in order to become familiar and comfortable with their new home. The assigned individuals will accompany the new resident throughout the day as a support system. To provide needed comfort and familiarity.

The new resident will be presented with a welcoming gift bag consisting of various items. The calendar and newsletter will be discussed so the resident will be made aware of upcoming events and items of interest. The card can be signed by all the residents or just by the Resident Council Committee.

Prior to the arrival of the new resident, the assigned individuals would be aware of the room the resident would be living in. They could put up a sign of welcome.

This is an idea which has great potential and can be tailored to what is desired. Have fun!


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