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The Orange Experience
Patricia Freed of Jewish Hospital College of Nursing and Allied Health on Sunday, June 3, 2001

Size: 20 to 30 (if larger you could split it into two sections)

Equipment: Fresh oranges for each participant
Large basket, can or bag to hold all the oranges

Objective: To explore human diversity.
Students will understand human commonalities, differences and uniqueness.

Description: Invite each student to select an orange and return with it to their seat.
Instruct each student to get to know their orange.

Ask the following questions- give the students about 2-3 minutes to study their own oranges after each questions. Repeat each response and let the student's brainstorm the answers until no more are forthcoming.

1. How is your orange like every other orange in this room?
2. How is your orange different from some other oranges in this room?
3. How is your orange different from any other orange in this room?

After these questions are answered have the students deposit their oranges in the basket or box. Shake them up. Ask the group to come forward and reclaim their own oranges.

Ask the class to make analogies about the orange experience and human nature. Allow the students to eat the oranges.


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