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Community Re-integration Ideas & Protocols

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Outing Planning
Submitted by Evelyn Mika, CTRS of North Broward Medical Center on June 27, 2002

Size: 1 or more

Telephone book

Objective: Successfully plan an entire community reintegration outing for people with disabilities

Description: This activity is more suitable for a rehab facility with the intention of getting the patients back into the community and returning to an active and independent leisure lifestyle. The patients brainstorm on place to go for an outing the following week. The next step is to brainstorm questions that need to be answered by the sites. Do you have W/C accessible restrooms? Seating for W/C at tables? Ramps? Restaurant in wheeling distance to theater so you don't need to load the van again? Is there space for a W/C van to load/unload? What kind of cover is there in case of rain? The patients need to make the reservations, coordinate with nursing to make sure any medications or special treatments are met before hand. They also have to discuss what goals need to be met by the other therapies (PT, OT, Speech, Psych) and get a written list to be put in their charts with whether the goals are met/unmet/unaddressed on the outing.

For the higher level and more daring patients it is possible to have them plan the trip to be completed using public transportation instead of the facility's van. They need to be able to self propel the W/C for prolonged periods to catch the bus, get on, and maneuver at the site. How far is the site from the bus stop? Consider getting bus route maps ahead of time for this.

Happy outing!


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