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Elder Education Program

Therapeutic recreation interventions such as reality orientation, education programs, and reminiscing activities can promote and maintain learning and memory in older adults.

Learning is a life long process. An ELDER EDUCATION program can be a highly successful program at your nursing home.

The Elder Ed program may include:

A Speaker's Forum- with guest speakers conducting discussions, talks, and demonstrations on a variety of topics

A Films Series- with educational films/videos and group leader to facilitate discussions after the film

An Educational Excursion Program- to provide residents opportunities to learn various recreational skills, historical information, community resources, etc.

Leisure Skills Demonstration Series- provides residents opportunities to observe and learn about a variety of leisure skills. Invite local hobbyists and craftsmen to present.

Here are some actual program topics that have been presented in a long-term care facility in West Virginia:

Speakers' Forum:

  • "Starting Plants for your Outdoor Garden"- by an extension agent
  • "Wellness Over Sixty"- by a wellness counselor
  • "Deeds and Wills"- by a local lawyer
  • "Speech Therapy" - by a speech therapist
  • "New Social Security Laws" by a social security worker
  • "Reflections of Life Among the Hill People"- by a historian
  • "Small Town Journalism" - by a news reporter

Adult Basic Education classes can also be scheduled as part of your Elder Ed program to provide residents an opportunity to obtain a GED

Be sure to plan your programs well in advance and distribute a brochure listing all upcoming programs.

Provide each attending resident a certificate of attendance or participation.

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