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Nature Game
Dana Bulic a NKU mental health/human services student on Sunday, April 17, 2005

Size: 10

Equipment: Equipment/Materials/Aids Needed:

1. One big white blanket
2. 20 paint brushes (10 number 10 and 10 small -contouring)
3. 10 sets of basic water colors
4. 10 wide bottom dishes for water
5. 5/1gallon containers water or access to water fountain
6. 2 large pieces of canvas (30x20)
7. 10 Velcro brush holders
8. 1 large plastic bowl

Objective: Goals Mode/Programming Categories:

1. Increase group cohesiveness / recreational
2. Promote social interaction / recreational
3. Enhance physical abilities / physical maintenance
4. Increase knowledge of plants / educational
5. Stimulate self accomplishment / recreational

Population: Rehabilitation Campers age 9-11 with orthopedic impairments (not suitable for wheelchair)

Description: Pre-session Preparation:

1. Place chairs in circle around the white blanket
2. Place the two pieces of canvas at fair distance from one another preferably on grass
3. Place 5 sets plus 2 brushes for each set and a dish of water in circle around each canvas
4. Bring one canister water close to each canvas
5. Place Velcro brush holders by each color/brushes/water prepared spot


1. Divide participants in two groups
2. Ask groups to follow you so you can pick flowers and leafs together (this should take about 20 minutes)
3. Place all plants in the plastic bowl
4. Return to chairs and ask participants to sit
5. Spread the plants on the white blanket
6. Ask participants to recognize the plants (about 10 minute)
7. Remove plants and place them back in the plastic bowl
8. Ask participant to go and sit around each canvas in their groups
9. Ask each group to paint as many plants as they can remember seeing on white blanket (should not take more than 20 minutes)
10. Encourage participants to use their fingers as they paint, as well as the brushes. Be creative!

Discussion Topics:

1. Ask each participants what they enjoyed the most while taking the short hike and picking plants
2. Ask each group to describe the plants painted on paper
3. Ask each group of why they remembered the plants they did and not others
4. Ask each group to say what other things they know about their plants, (ie: where they grow, what time of year, etc)
5. Ask groups to choose a plant for safekeeping and explain their choice

Submitted by Marissa Robinson of Heritage School on Saturday, September 30, 2000

Size: 2 or more

Equipment: Anything

Objective: Creativity, Communication, Teamwork

Description: Have the group pick out any sports equipment. Usually one piece each. Then the group has 20 minutes to make up a game, give it a name, decide on the rules, and use all the equipment selected.

-Divide the group into two teams. At the end have them teach each other how to play their games.
-Don't tell the group what they will be doing when they pick out their equipment. It forces them to really be creative.
-Have some of the equipment they choose from not be sports related. (stick, garbage can, lids)

-Discuss in general creativity and imagination.
Did you think you could come up with an activity using all of the equipment?
Did you really expect to have so much fun?
-Discuss communication.
How well did you work together?
Were your ideas heard?
What role did you play in the group (listener, talker)?
-Discuss resources.
Could you play this with your friends and family?
How can you relate this activity to your leisure resources (community, money, number of friends, ideas)?

Around the World
submitted by Mia Hardy CTRS of Morehead Nursing Center on September 15, 1999.

Size: small or large group, I have 20 or more

Equipment: Supplies are different depending on situation. I have needed slide projector, screen,space for group, table to set objects, facility for cooking, & music.

Objective: Educate group members on specific countries/cultures. Promote socialization.(Encourage group members to ask speaker questions concerning topic in order to promote discussion.

Description: Each month I set aside the last Monday of the month to visit another country. I invite a guest speaker to talk about a specific country he/she has been to, or knows about. So far this has been staff and family members. I may cook a food common to the culture, or play music related to the country. Guest speakers bring in slides to show, or items from the country. We have a world map attached to a cork board,on the wall and place pins on the countries we have visited. I have a large turn out for this activity.


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