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Resources for Therapeutic Recreation, Recreation Therapy, and Activity Professionals.

I am a recreation therapist! Therapeutic recreation is the provision of Treatment Services and the provision of Recreation Services to persons with illnesses or disabling conditions. The primary purposes of Treatment Services which are often referred to as Recreational Therapy, are to restore, remediate or rehabilitate in order to improve functioning and independence as well as reduce or eliminate the effects of illness or disability. The primary purposes of Recreational Services are to provide recreation resources and opportunities in order to improve health and well-being.

Therapeutic Recreation is provided by professionals who are trained and certified, registered and/or licensed to provide Therapeutic Recreation.
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Therapeutic recreation uses treatment, education and recreation services to help people with illnesses, disabilities and other conditions to develop and use their leisure in ways that enhance their health, functional abilities, independence and quality of life. (NTRS, 2000)

The Therapeutic Recreation Directory contains resources for recreation therapists, therapeutic recreation specialists, creative arts therapists, activity therapist, activity directors and other disciplines.

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Joggin' Your Noggin: Fun and Challenging Word Games for Seniors
Therapeutic Recreation: A Practical Approach
Therapeutic Recreation: A Practical Approach

by†Marcia Jean Carter†and Glen E. Van Andel



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