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Therapeutic Recreation News & Articles- 2007
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"inTeRlink" is an on-line therapeutic recreation newsletter featuring links to articles on & related to recreation therapy and therapeutic recreation on the Internet. Send news items and links to Charlie Dixon at charlie * (change * to @ before emailing).

Date shown on each article reflect the date link/item was added to this page and not necessary the date the article was written. It is quite possible that linked articles are no longer available.

July 25, 2007

Contact: Sandy Negley

2008 Mid-Year Conference Cancelled

Alexandria, VA – ATRA President Sandra K. Negley has announced that the ATRA 2008 Mid-Year Professional Issues Forum has been cancelled. This event was scheduled for March 13-16, 2008 in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

While ATRA regrets cancelling this event, plans are underway to offer more local and regional opportunities for ATRA members to participate in continuing education and professional development activities. These regional events are aimed at encouraging broader participation, and are based on membership requests for more local activities. The ATRA BOD believes that this will better serve the ATRA membership by extending the reach closer to the organization’s grassroots.

The decision to cancel this event was based on a review of the past attendance history of Mid-Year Forums, concerns regarding Mid-Year decreasing participation, and the Board’s desire to respond to membership requests for more regional and local involvement. The BOD apologizes for any inconvenience this may cause, and hopes that members will join ATRA for future conferences and continuing education events, closer to their homes.

The American Therapeutic Recreation Association (ATRA) Association is the largest professional membership organization representing the recreational therapy profession.

For more information, please contact the ATRA National Office at (703) 683-9420.

May 30, 2007
Contact: ATRA National Office
Phone: (703) 683-9420 

Advocacy * Treatment * Research * Action – ATRA’s New Blog

(Alexandria, VA) The American Therapeutic Recreation Association is excited to announce it’s new blog. This blog, which can be found at:, will focus on the Association’s advocacy, treatment, research and action.

The ATRA Blog will feature regular postings from the ATRA National Office to address frequently asked questions and update recreational therapy professionals, consumers and allied health professionals about Association activities and happenings. Readers will have the opportunity to offer input and suggestions on ATRA activities and services. ATRA is pleased to offer this new communication tool to keep members informed and engaged.

The American Therapeutic Recreation Association (ATRA) Association is the largest professional membership organization representing the recreational therapy profession.

For more information, please contact the ATRA National Office at (703) 683-9420.

May 3, 2007
Contact: ATRA National Office
Phone: (703) 683-9420 

Recreational Therapists Invest in Their Profession

(Alexandria, VA) The 2007 Annual Conference of American Therapeutic Recreation Association will be held September 9 – 12, 2007, in downtown Milwaukee. Wisconsin is a perfect location for recreational therapists to reflect on their profession and look to future involvement in the profession.

Join recreational therapists from all over the world in Milwaukee, Wisconsin for the 2007 ATRA Annual Conference Investing in The Profession. The conference will be held at the Hyatt Regency Downtown. The conference, planned for September 9 - 12 will enable participants to experience the late summer and early fall seasons in Wisconsin’s largest city, set along Lake Michigan.

The conference will offer sessions by national recognized experts and presenters on new interventions, programs, research and advocacy to promote professional development and enhance clinical skills. Specialty tracks and training will be available throughout the conference.

For more information about the field of recreational therapy please contact the American Therapeutic Recreation Association or visit the ATRA website.


Therapeutic Recreation in the Schools:
Teaching Students to Play

Summer Session
May 23-June 27, 2007

This course prepares students and practitioners to provide therapeutic recreation services to students with disabilities in public school systems, as mandated by the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act. A rationale for school-based therapeutic recreation will be provided, as well as federal legislation that supports leisure education for students with disabilities. Participants will learn how to apply the therapeutic recreation process in a school setting and develop appropriate leisure education goals for Individualized Educational Plans. Curricula to support therapeutic recreation in the schools will be identified, as well as the roles therapeutic recreation specialists can play to advocate for and deliver leisure education in the schools. Participants will apply concepts and techniques learned through the course to a public school setting in their home communities. This case study will be due June 27, 2007.

Available through Ithaca College or

REC 532-501
Available through SUNY Cortland

NJ Governor’s Conference on Recreation for Individuals with Disabilities

(3-27-07) Annually the NJ Commission on Recreation for Individuals with Disabilities hosts the Governor’s Conference on Recreation for Individuals with Disabilities. This year our keynote speaker is Victor Maxwell, an award winning actress and playwright. Her play ‘Crazy for Life’ explores her personal journey with bipolar disorder, anxiety and psychosis. The play is a celebration of richness of life, the strength of the human spirit and the power if the human heart.

Attached is the 2007 Governor’s Conference on Recreation for Individuals with Disabilities conference info. Please feel free to distribute this near and far. Thank you for your assistance in distributing this information. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Patricia Swartz, CPRP, CTRS,RA, CPSI
Administrator, NJ Office of Recreation
PO Box 811
Trenton, NJ 08625-0811

Phone (609) 984-6654

Save the Date: May 9, 2007
28th Annual Governor's Conference on Recreation for Individuals with Disabilities

Visit the NJ office of Recreation website at

Attention Certified Therapeutic Recreation Professionals in the state of Florida:

2-13-07 There are nearly 500 CTRS professionals in FL, yet no single way to share ideas, advertise jobs and internships, or communicate directly with each other. That is until now. The Florida Therapeutic Recreation Network (FLTRNET) is a new email group designed to promote and support Therapeutic Recreation Services within our state. This is achieved through the submission of information (CEU opportunities, job openings, professional issues) by TR professionals and students to this email address ( Once information is submitted it will be scanned for content by the network administrator, spam is weeded out, then the information is forwarded to all those whom have subscribed. Addresses are not be shared with outside groups and only information sent pertinent to our profession will be sent. In the future we hope to sponsor workshops and provide educational opportuities but first we must open up the lines of communication!

We hope that you will join the FL TR Network and thank you for your commitment to Therapeutic Recreation.

Contact Information:
Alternative Solutions in Long Term Care
Sandra Stimson Executive Director
973 729 6601

Press Release:

In honor of Activity Professionals week,. January 21 -27 Alternative Solutions in Long Term Care held a nationwide contest for an original tribute honoring Activity Professionals week. Many inspirational tributes were submitted by activity professionals, administrators, social workers, consultants and residents. The winner was judged on originality in which the tribute captured the essence of the activity profession. The 2006 winner is Susan Winder-Rivera ADC who is the Director of Therapeutic Recreation at Grand Manor Nursing and Rehabilitation Center located in Bronx New York. The winner received a cash award. All of the entries are posted on the web site. For more information please visit our web site.

Susan Winder-Rivera, ADC Director Therapeutic Recreation
Grand Manor Nursing and Rehabilitation Center Bronx, New York

Our call is one most extraordinary
First we try to figure out
What it is a resident’s truly about-
Involving the body, the mind, and the soul
We fill the assessment, develop a goal.
We look at the person
and not the dis-ease
We don’t want to label
we want to perceive
In the calm of the storm
one can usually see
what a person can manifest
and what they can be,
beyond limitations, unwanted adulterations
beyond morbid fascinations and unheld screams
A higher calling cries to be heard
in the melancholy scenes.

It may be the heart
It may be the bones,
It may be the blood
or the brain’s chemicals.

when the dancer stops dancing through the loss of a limb
we map out and modify
for the resident to win.
the original thrill
returned to its source
back to the fork in the road
before things went off course…

We enliven, enrich, embrace and encourage
we remove elements that cause to discourage.
We enlighten and energize
the lost and forgotten
fan their flames, call their names
deny their Armageddon.

We are teachers, counselors, a healing balm
The soother, the smoother
of things gone wrong
We overcome obstacles beyond comprehension
our course need be steady, beyond apprehension

Our purpose is higher
than the eye can see
and although we do appear quite commonly
Our call is one most extraordinary.


Contact: Danny Pettry
1509 Walnut Street # 5
Kenova, West Virginia 25530
Phone: 304.412.4065

July 17, 2007


New Website Provides Continuing Education Opportunities for Nurses, Social Workers and Recreation Therapists

(Huntington, West Virginia) – A new site on the World Wide Web enables Registered Professional Nurses, Licensed Social Workers, and Certified Recreation Therapists to earn continuing education units for re-certification. This site is owned and operated by Mr. Danny Pettry, a Master of Science/ Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist (MS/CTRS), a graduate Marshall University and Indiana University.

Danny Pettry’s Continuing Education Online, found at: http://www.DannyPettry.Com on the World Wide Web, provides healthcare professionals with a variety of easy-to-complete, affordable, and interesting continuing education courses.

Pettry recently became an approved provider for WV - Professional Registered Nurses. At this time, Pettry is in the process of becoming an approved provider for WV- Social Workers. As most social workers are aware, they can take up to 20-hours of courses that are not pre-approved.

Pettry is presenting a free in-service on an overview of recreation therapy at River Park Hospital, Huntington, WV on Thursday, June 26, 2007 at Noon. Registration is required. Contact Cindy Bowen, Director of Education at 304-526-9111 to register.

Healthcare professionals can also sign-up for a free 3-clock hour continuing education course online. There is a ten dollar processing fee for: printing certificate, handling and shipping. Registration can be complete at www.DannyPettry.Com.

West Virginians can complete all online correspondence courses at a 50% discounted rate. Click on the “West Virginians link” at DannyPettry.Com for details.

Only one month old, Danny Pettry’s continuing education online based out of the Huntington, West Virginia area has attracted interest across the United States and around the world. Although no West Virginians have registered for courses at this time, professionals from Texas, Ohio, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Michigan have done so. Over 1,200 professionals have signed-up for the free electronic mailing list with members from Canada and New Zealand.

May 3, 2007
Contact: ATRA National Office
Phone: (703) 683-9420

ATRF Announces Grant Availability

(Alexandria, VA) The American Therapeutic Recreation Foundation is pleased to announce the availability of funding through the Bernard E. Thorn Efficacy Research Fund for the second grant cycle of 2007. Grants are due by June 15, 2007 and will be announced at the ATRA Annual Conference in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Individuals seeking research awards must be current members of ATRA. Priority consideration will be given to collaborative efficacy research between practitioner(s) and educator(s) based on practice issues. Graduate students completing a thesis or dissertation in recreational therapy are encouraged to apply. Priority consideration will be given to efficacy research projects related to topics that: demonstrate a direct connection to the ATRA research agenda by examining outcomes and cost effectiveness of recreational therapy protocols; and provide evidence as to the effectiveness of recreational therapy interventions

The American Therapeutic Recreation Foundation (ATRF) is dedicated to advancing the field of therapeutic recreation and improving the quality of therapeutic recreation services through the sponsorship of efficacy research grants. The Foundation sponsors research projects on topics that greatly enhance the recreational therapy profession and promote outcomes of recreational therapy interventions.

For more information, please contact the ATRA National Office at (703) 683-9420.

May 3, 2007
Contact: ATRA National Office
Phone: (703) 683-9420 

ATRA Releases Annual in Therapeutic Recreation Volume 15

(Alexandria, VA) The American Therapeutic Recreation Association is pleased to announce the release of ATRA's Annual in Therapeutic Recreation Volume 15, Edited by Francis McGuire, Ph.D., CTRS and Judith Voelkl, Ph.D., CTRS. Volume 15 focuses on evidence-based practice, empirically based studies and conceptually based studies that contribute to understanding the preparation, organization, and practice of recreational therapy. Contributing authors include many prominent researchers in the therapeutic recreation field. The Annual in Therapeutic Recreation was created to provide current and relevant empirical research findings to advance the practice of recreational therapy in various healthcare and human service settings.

According to ATRA’s Executive Director, Ann Huston, "Building a base of knowledge is the foundation of our professional association. Providing journals and publications continues to strengthen our professional practice and provides necessary data and information to continue to improve services for the many clients who benefit from recreational therapy services."

The journal also contains the ATRA Continuing Education Correspondence Program for continuing education units. The latest volume of The American Therapeutic Recreation Association’s Annual in Therapeutic Recreation is available for purchase through the association’s online bookstore, and is available on-line, complimentary for ATRA members.

For more information, please contact the ATRA National Office at (703) 683-9420.

Greetings from OcuSource!

On behalf of the Southern California College of Optometry we would like to share the following announcement with our low vision and blindness community:

The Eye Care Center at the Southern California College of Optometry announces the “Call for Artists” for “Shared Visions 2007-2008”, the third annual juried art exhibit by artists who are blind or legally blind. Works selected will be exhibited in the Eye Care Center for a period of one year. The deadline for entries is May 15, 2007.

For application and information on entering the third annual exhibit, (September 2007- August, 2008), please visit

Rebecca L. Kammer, O.D.
Assistant Professor
Chief, MaryAnn Keverline Walls Low Vision Center Eye Care Center Southern California College of Optometry
Phone (714) 449-7473
Fax (714) 992-7848
rkammer* (change * to @ before emailing)

(2-19-07) The Office of Special Education and Rehabilitative Services (OSERS) has a grant for Recreational Technologies and Exercise Physiology Benefiting Individuals with Disabilities.
CFDA number 84.133E-4

deadline for submission is 4/16/07

Grantees must be in collaboration with one or more institutions of higher learning!

If anyone is interested in a collaborating on this targeting people with autism and recreation/exercise I would love to collaborate! Autism is an expanding treatment area especially since the CDC announced this past week 1 in 150 births results in a child with autism.

I need a university partner to help with this!
Dawna Sterner, CTRS, HTR
Manager Recreation Therapy
The Children's Center for Neurodevelopmental Studies
Djsbonik* (replace * with @ before emailing)
623-915-0345 x142








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