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Recreation Therapy Timeline

complied by Jeffrey A. Mansfield and updated by Charles Dixon

If you have information to add please send to:

[ archives page | timeline index: 1 | 2 | 3 | compilation | bibliography | transcript | pictures ]

Recreational Therapy History Part 1:

from beginning to 1885

Recreational Therapy History Part 2:

from the 1880s to 1939

Recreational Therapy History Part 3:

from 1940 to 2006
Recreational Therapy History Part 4: from 2007 to present - please submit items!!!

Recreational Therapy History Compilation

by Events, Indvs, Associations, Legislation, & Schools

Recreational Therapy History Bibliography

Periodicals, Articles, Books, and Additional Resources

Dr. Phillip's 1940's era hospital recreation pictures

17 pictures from the 1940's


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